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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Review of Wolverine #67

Story by: Mark Millar

Art and Cover by: Steve McNiven

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Brief Synopsis: This is Part 2 of the Old Man Logan story. In Part 1, Logan is shown as a old farmer struggling to provide for his family. It has been 50 years since the heroes fell and the United States was cut up between various villains. Logan has retired from the superhero business and has not popped his claws since that final battle. Now a pacifist, he gets beat up by his 'landlords', the Hulk Gang, and takes a beating for not having their rent money. A blind Hawkeye shows up and asks Logan to be his guide for a special quest. He is taking 'special cargo' to New Babylon and he wants Logan by his side. Logan agrees in order for a payday that will provide for his family.

Part 2 begins with Logan and Hawkeye driving around in the old Spidey Buggy. For reasons that are never explained, Hawkeye is the one driving. Then end up in San Francisco, where the population has been decimated by the Moloids. The rumor going around is the Moloids are the Earth's immune system and since the Earth had too many humans, the Moloids were released to thin out the herd.

While searching for survivors in San Francisco, they are ambushed by a motorcycle gang calling themselves the Ghost Riders. Logan receives another beatdown but still refuses to pop the claws. When the Ghost Riders attempt to see what the cargo is, Hawkeye uses the sound of their voices to locate his targets and rains down some vicious arrow shots. When Hawkeye asks what the villains did to him to make him a pacifist, Logan simply responds "They broke me, Bub".

Logan and Hawkeye eventually reach Hammer Falls, Nevada. It is the location where Magneto and the Absorbing Man finished off Thor. The town has become a haven for people who are waiting and praying for the heroes to return. They flock to worship at a makeshift shrine where Thor's hammer, Moljnir, now rests. An Ultron robot stops the heroes and tells Hawkeye he has to go see his ex-wife Tonya. Tonya is also the youngest daughter of Peter Parker (since she is black, does that mean he knocked someone up while wearing the black costume?). Tonya tells Hawkeye that their daughter Ashley has been kidnapped by the Kingpin. Ashley is seen in captivity, wearing a Spider-Girl costume. Do I foresee a "You're too short to be a Stormtrooper" comment in the future?

Pros: I know in my previous post I said that I do not like future stories because it shackles characters with outcomes that they eventually have to fulfill. I don't believe this story is like that. I'm taking it more like a "What If..." type story. I'm reading a lot of "Secret Invasion" stories right now, which frankly I'm growing tired of, so this story is a nice change of pace. None of the events in this book should have any ramifications on Wolverine going forward so it is nice to have a self contained story that is a fun read and nothing more.

Even though Logan has been getting his ass handed to him in each issue, you know he's eventually going to let the beserker rage loose and take out a lot of people. If he doesn't, this will definitely swing to the Con section.

I like how Hawkeye is being portrayed as a bad ass even though he is blind. He was an Avenger and one time leader of the Thunderbolts so he should definitely be able to handle himself, regardless of his handicap. Using the sound of the Ghost Riders voices to pinpoint his shots was a nice touch.

Another nice touch with Moljnir still resting in the place it fell, because obviously, only someone worthy can lift it.

I love Steve McNiven's art. He's probably my favorite Marvel artist working right now.

Cons: I know this is petty, but I think it is dumb to have a blind Hawkeye driving around while Logan sits in the passenger seat. Can Hawkeye hear the road bend or something? This is just a plot point that shouldn't be there because it just doesn't make any sense.

Is this 'Jurassic Park 2'? Did we really need a black daughter for a white character to show equality? How does whitey white boy Peter Parker, who has only ever had white girlfriends, now suddenly have a black daughter? If this was Iron Fist, yeah, that would have made sense. Or maybe even Logan because that man has hit every major race. But Spidey? Another useless little shock tactic that wasn't necessary.

Conclusion: I'm actually enjoying this story for what it is worth, a nice little "What If..." story with wonderful art and decent pacing. It's building nicely to Wolverine finally unleashing the beast and hopefully he unloads on some villains who truly need it. It's nice to have a different Wolverine story out right now because let's face it, he's been over saturated the last couple of years. Pick up 'Astonishing X-Men', 'Uncanny X-Men', 'New Avengers', 'Ultimate X-Men' or any other tie-in book and his stories are usually the same. At least this is different. As long as the story doesn't become 'in continuity' I'll be fine.

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