BENT WOOKEE COMIX (..we have issues..)

BENT WOOKEE COMIX (..we have issues..)
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I've been catching some flack from the boss lately because I haven't been posting a lot to this blog. What can I say? I've been busy. Not only have I been out of the state on two consecutive weekends, Steelers season is in full gear so my other blog has been keeping me up at night. I've also been taking flack from the boss for being too long winded. I don't even get paid for this!

With all of that in mind, I'm going to try something different. Instead of taking one book I read a week and doing a full scale analysis, I'm going to try and cover every book I read in little snippets. I'm already way behind in reading and with the stack that will be waiting for me on Thursday, I'd say it's time we kicked this baby into high gear.

The following comics were released on September 17th:

This issue deals with the back story of how S.H.I.E.L.D. data analyst Mavis Trent received her Payback powers. After Mavis' father passed away, she began to see and hear messages seemingly from beyond the grave. When she finally acknowledges that the TV is talking to her in her dead father's voice, she finds out about a Variant alien symbiote that had attached itself to her father. When her father died, the symbiote dissipated into the air until it collected itself. It bonds to Mavis without her permission and Payback is born. Payback learns to deal with her powers then decides to test it out on an unregistered Superhuman. Enter Luke Cage. He defeats her in a fight but she gains new found confidence. She then recruits her father's ex-girlfriend, an empath who would love to see justice for her dead ex-boyfriend. While trying to hack into her father's computer, a bomb explodes, knocking Payback out of the apartment and she winds up unconscious on the street.

Quick Analysis: This book has an okay concept, but I'm not really sure what the point of it all is. This is issue #3 of a five issue limited series and some of the players listed in the front haven't even appeared yet. Not good when there are only two issues left to go. Perhaps they are trying to build to an ongoing, but I do not think the materials warrants that transition. Ok book, but nothing special.

The Guardians of the Galaxy have found a Skrull infiltration in Knowhere and some council members believe Drak the Destroyer is one of them. Quasar does not believe it and sets out to prove his innocence. Drak is hunted by the Luminals, but he is not called the Destroyer for nothing. Some inter-turmoil with the team leads to Quasar defying team leader Star Lord's command to stay put. Starhawk appears as a woman and claims there should not be a Guardians of the Galaxy team this early in history. She plans to set that right by destroying the entire team. Warlock discovers Cosmo has been in league with the Skrulls all along. Quasar finds Drak setting bombs in the infrastructure of Knowhere. He reveals that the only true test to see if someone is a Skrull is to examine their dead body. With that, he blows the charges.

Quick Analysis: This is probably the best team book I am reading right now, no joke. The only downside is I think you have to have read the two preceding limited series to get the dynamic of the team. This is a great book and I hope it doesn't get canceled because no one is reading it. Great book.

The above books are available for purchase at Bent Wookee Comix located on Fairfield Avenue in the West End section of Johnstown. See ya there!

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