BENT WOOKEE COMIX (..we have issues..)

BENT WOOKEE COMIX (..we have issues..)
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Two posts in two days. Look out! I was off of work this afternoon so while my boy was taking a nap, I got to tear through a bunch of funny books. Quick analysis time:

Foolkiller and the Punisher get to have their 'misunderstanding' fight which happens quite often in comic books. I'm sure PETA would love to see the scenes of the Punisher back handing Foolkiller's dog. The two vigilantes stop fighting when the White Angels show up and start shooting. The Punisher points out how useless Foolkiller's sword is against guns, which I have been saying since I started reading Foolkiller books. A bunch of White Angels are killed and the men decide to team up for the foreseeable future. They raid the basement hideout and a storage shed full of guns. Foolkiller pays Bootleg Jack a visit and tells him to stop spreading hate over the radio. The White Angels are spooked about Foolkiller and Punisher working together so they call the diminutive assassin Sickle Moon who has had a recent run in with the Foolkiller.

Quick Analysis: The inclusion of the Punisher into the limited series still seems forced. While the Foolkiller is going after the White Angels because they killed a black man and hung him from a streetlamp, Punisher is going after some gun trafficking that happens to involved the White Angels. It's a decent enough story, but there are some flaws in the execution that are keeping it from being a must read.

The Thunderbolts have been called in to apprehend the vigilante known as Moon Knight. Venom makes it obvious he wants to eat Moon Knight, which makes me wonder about his sexual orientation. Crawley goes to see Frenchie and asks him to help their mutual friend, Marc Spector, aka Moon Knight. Frenchie refuses. Tony Stark is looking for Moon Knight as well and wants to get to him before the Thunderbolts do. Crawley talks to Spector's ex-girlfriend and asks for her help but she refuses as well. Spector starts dressing up in a costume that is half Wolverine/half Black Panther and takes out a truck carrying contraband. The Thunderbolts show up. Spector chokes out Swordsman but it over matched by Venom. An explosion allows Spector to escape, but when he makes it home, the severity of the injuries Venom inflicted are revealed. He collapses on the floor and appears to be near death from all the blood loss.

Quick Analysis: I've never read Moon Knight until this series began so I find myself lost some times when continuity is brought up. I don't know the back story of these characters so when they make references to past events I'm clueless. The series was really good at the beginning, then went off the rails for a while. It is making an attempt to be part of the larger Marvel universe now so time will tell whether this is a good move or not. It has gotten better recently.

The Skulls attack Asgard and a great battle ensues with Beta Ray Bill and Balder leading the way. Thor has reverted to his human form to help a young woman give birth. Some volunteer fireman see the fires in Asgard and decide to go put out the blazes. Their attempts are futile and they must return to town and inform everyone of what they saw. A Super Skull, with the powers of Thundra, Titania, Volcana, & Battleaxe joins the battle, carrying Beta Ray Bill's hammer, Stormbreaker. Thor delivers the woman's baby and heads to Asgard to help. Beta Ray Bill is overpowered by the female Super Skrull and is defeated. Thor shows up to reclaim Mjolnir and to turn the tide of battle.

Quick Analysis: Talk about a glorified attempt to cash in on the whole Secret Invasion hoopla. There is no reason this series should exist at all. At most, they should have done one crossover issue in the regular Thor series and that could have been his motivation for going to New York to help the other heroes in the main Secret Invasion book. This issue was complete filler to get to the big Thor/Skrull battle and is a waste of time. Not a good series at all.

Nick Fury is trying to find the crew of the Icarus One who have been altered in 'fantastic' new ways. Nighthawk beats up a bunch of kids trying to set fire to a church. The girl with spider powers in Nebraska tries out her new abilities. Biogeneral comes to Nick Fury and theorizes that the reason he built his 'iron' suit was because of all the wacky events happening since the Icarus One landed back on Earth. Old Soldier shows up at Nick Fury's door asking to join his organization. Arcanna calls Fury to let him know Emil Burbank has awoken from his coma and he seems pretty mad.

Quick Analysis: This book confuses the hell out me. It's obvious the Icarus One crew is a knock off of the Fantastic Four and the supporting characters have characteristics of Spider-Man, Captain America, and Iron Man. I just don't know in what universe this is all supposed to be taking place. It's the Ultimate universe version of Nick Fury, but the Ultimate Universe has all those heroes. So that would mean it is some other universe, but it is already stated there is not a Squadron Supreme team on this Earth. So why is it called Squadron Supreme? I'm thoroughly confused and would stop getting this series if I wasn't a completest who only needs three more issues to complete the set. For everyone else, I would pass.

Santo punts Cyclops into next week, even though Donald Pierce, who was masquerading as Cyclops, is captured. Ink is confronted about how he knew where Pierce would be and he freely admits that he was working for him. The X-Men decide he should stay based on their track record of bringing in former criminals (Rogue, Cannonball, Gambit, etc). Cyclops decides the next generation needs training but he will not reopen the school, something more along the lines of a boot camp. He asks Sunspot and Moonstar to run it. Santo and Ink bicker. Beast analyzed Greymalkin's DNA and revealed he is not only a mutant, but a member of Charles Xavier's family from about 200 years in the past. Angel buys a church as a base of operations for the Young X-Men. Santo apologizes to Cyclops for punching him and breaking his jaw. Blindfold leaves the team. Moonstar asks Anole to join his former New X-Men teammates in San Francisco.

Quick Analysis: I have lost count at the number of series which have dealt with the next generation of X-Men. I was going to list them here but that would be too much research. The current series is just another one in a long line, which actually seems to get relaunched every other year. It's gotten off to an odd start, with a storyline involving an impostor while the whole Skrull thing is going on and saw the death of one of it's members (Wolf Cub already). Now, in issue #5, they are finally coming together as a team to train. It's good, but far from great.

The above books are available for purchase at Bent Wookee Comix located on Fairfield Avenue in the West End section of Johnstown. See ya there!

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