BENT WOOKEE COMIX (..we have issues..)

BENT WOOKEE COMIX (..we have issues..)
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Friday, September 26, 2008


Because you demanded it, I'm back with my reviews for this week. And what a week! We got like fifty titles in! The new release table is overflowing! So if you want to check out some new titles, hurry down to the store. We have everything!
Okay, my first review is actually from last week. But anyone who knows me, knows I have to include it here. It's Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods #2. The first issue had Indy racing around atop the World Trade Center under construction, running from SS agents. Then he and Marcus traveled to Tibet to look for one of three pieces of a "key". Although, Indy wasn't sure what it will open and neither are we, only that it was old and that the German's wanted it. The issue ended with Indy and Marcus seeming to meet their end in typical cliffhanger fashion.

The second issue opens with them escaping their fate. Indy finds a new ally and we are reintroduced to a familiar character from the movies. After making another death defying escape from danger, Indy (and thus we) learns more about the key he is acquiring the pieces to. His quest leads him to Shanghai, where he and Marcus part ways. Indy heads for Siberia where he hopes to find the ultimate answers to the riddle of the key. Before he gets there he runs into even more trouble. He finds himself in another bad situation, this time with Janice Le Roi, whom he met briefly in the first issue. Once again, the issue ends on a cliffhanger.

Okay, I have to say that I have all the Indiana Jones movies, all the novels, all the Marvel comics and all the Dark Horse comics. This is the first story in any media to get Indiana Jones right as far as the character and the tone of the adventures from the movies go. The art is incredible. Steve Scott obviously worked a great deal from screen caps without resulting to tracing ala Greg Land. Indy looks like Harrison Ford. Marcus looks like Denholm Elliot. It doesn't have the style of some of my favorite artists but it fit's the story perfect. It is the BEST art out of any Indiana Jones comic ever!

Likewise, this story is incredible so far. Rob Williams has far surpassed any writer of any comic to portray the adventures of Indiana Jones. None other have even come close. None of the Indiana Jones' novels have come close either. I'm being completely honest when I tell you that so far, this is the next best thing to an Indiana Jones movie. Indy acts like he does in the movies, particularly the way he acts in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Temple of Doom. I was worried Marcus would be portrayed as a bumbling idiot, the way he was in Last Crusade. But he's more like the mentor/friend he was in Raiders. There are lines like "X never marks the spot" and "fortune and Glory" used here but they don't seem forced like they so easily could. I know not a lot of people ordered this title. However this month's Previews is advertising the 4 issue series in a trade paperback. Do yourself a huge favor and order it!

Next is a book that actually did come out this week: Flash Gordon. We only got one issue and I really dug the art so I grabbed it. However, if you swing by the store this weekend, you'll see its back on the new release table. I actually did read it but I thought it seemed too Don Bluth for my taste. Not that I have anything against Don Bluth. I love The Secret of NIMH. But I just wasn't digging this. In this issue we have a Mission Impossible 2 opening where Flash is climbing a seemingly impossible peak. We find out he is a school teacher and a scientist and a drummed out government agent. He gets into fights at the drop of a hat, especially with the very angry giant partner of Agent Dale Arden. Dale isn't the damsel in distress she was in the classic comics and most of the adaptations that followed. She's every bit Flash's match. Plus, she wears this shiny leather catsuit, which makes her the most likeable character in the book. Flash flirts with her a lot, and actually It's kind of painful to read.
Anyway, I didn't like it but if you're looking for something lightweight with kind of cool art, you might want to grab this issue.
Finally, they say you can't judge a book by its cover. I say bullox! I say that now, because I'm trying my best not to get censored but I'm pretty sure I can get away with that. Later I will try other words in the hopes that they are not met by a big black word block like many of the words in the following comic. Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #10 is probably my favorite book of the week. I haven't read it yet but the cover is awesome! Plus the series as a whole has really grown on me (and I think many of the people who initially hated it but stuck around to give it a chance). My only complaint is that it's that it's only the third issue of this title to come out this year. I flipped open this book and yes, it is full of blacked-out words (swearing, vulgarity). I know what you're thinking: less reading. Bonus! But I say nay, not less reading, smart reading! You let your filthy little mind run wild while you read over those black bars. Think of it as dirty Mad Libs. But if you want to play, you need to pick up this issue. We still have a couple left. As always, Frank Miller and Jim Lee are at the top of their game. Well, Lee is. I haven't read it yet, so I can't be 100 percent sure about Frank (although, I know what words I'm using to fill those black boxes so I can be at least 50 percent sure that this story is awesome!).

The above books are available for purchase at Bent Wookee Comix located on Fairfield Avenue in the West End section of Johnstown. See ya there! (plagiarism is wrong, kids).


Jay said...

If you only got one issue of Flash Gordon and you took it, how could your statement "The above books are available for purchase at Bent Wookee Comix located on Fairfield Avenue in the West End section of Johnstown" be true? Huh?

Vinson said...

I put it back, it was THAT bad. But someone might like it and they should buy it from BENT WOOKIEE COMIX. Plus, we can order back issues from several months so why not stop by at 127 Fairfield Ave. We'll be looking for you!