BENT WOOKEE COMIX (..we have issues..)

BENT WOOKEE COMIX (..we have issues..)
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Friday, October 03, 2008


That's right. To all those people who picked up JONAH HEX on my recommendation, you're welcome for this issue. I know it looked like the series jumped the shark with a string of bad issues (the one where the farm girls mutilated men, cutting off there arms and legs and tongues…yeah). And last issue, with the little hottie who actually slipped Hex some roofies to try and have sex with him (chicks dig scars).

ISSUE #36 "SEVEN GRAVES SIX FEET DEEP" is finally a good read. It was actually the only comic I got this week, besides BATMAN, so that worked out well. The cover is really pretty cool. It's by RAFA GARRES, who also did the inside art. It's a really slick style for this book. He's done previous issues and I really hope they bring him back. His art has kind of an EC feel to it. It's like I'm reading an old issue of WEIRD WESTERN TALES.

Anyway, GARRES also does the colors which are a muted monotone of yellow and light brown. It's my only real fault with the book as the effect would be better suited framed on a wall where you could stand back and try and pick out the details. In the comic, the wash of colors kind of slows down the eye when you're going from panel to panel. But maybe that's his way of forcing you to look at his artwork which is--like I said--really, really good.

It's hard to imagine JUSTIN GRAY and JIMMY PALMIOTTI are the same people who wrote the slasher farm girl issue I mentioned above. But here they kind of make up for it. At least they got me excited to be getting this title again. It starts out with Jonah Hex, minding his own business as he rides through the woods in Tennessee in 1866. There's a LOT of narration that I admit intimidated me at first (****ing reading). But it's actually kind of interesting. It's taken from an historical article on Jonah Hex written sometime after his death in 1904. PALMIOTTI uses these historical texts a lot in this series and its a pretty cool device, especially when you see slight discrepancies pop up now and then (just like in real life historical accounts).

The story kicks off when Jonah Hex, dressed in his Confederate greys accidentally kinda lynches a black woman (Hi, I'm Jonah Hex and this is my stunt double, Dean). Okay, he doesn't actually lynch her but that's what it looks like to the group of black men who witness it. So they beat him unconscious and decide to lynch him back. They don't get to kill Jonah however (hope I didn't ruin anything there). No, he escapes and falls in with a group of ex-Confederates who mistakenly applaud him for being so brave as to continue wearing his uniform after the war. Jonah Hex's true reason's for wearing his greys are revealed and, just like every JONAH HEX comic, lots of people die.

Now, on the last page we can see the cover of the next issue and it looks like utter shite (not an American swear word so I'm hoping I don't get hit by Captain Censorship). It depicts three little hotties posing (all smiles) around Jonah, who's tied up to a chair. Maybe I just don't trust the way GRAY and PALMIOTTI write their female antagonists. You'd think the stories would be sexy but they really just suck. Also, JORDI BERNET is back doing the artwork and I'm not his biggest fan. But that's the beauty of this title. The issues are independant of each other. So, this issue can be your first and you will not be lost at all.

I HIGHLY recommend THIS issue. If you like the Punisher or Wolverine or any title where the main character kicks ass and doesn't give a **** then you'll like this book…or I'll buy you a Coke.

The above book is available for purchase at Bent Wookee Comix located on 127 Fairfield Avenue in the West End section of Johnstown. See ya there!

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