BENT WOOKEE COMIX (..we have issues..)

BENT WOOKEE COMIX (..we have issues..)
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


For those of you camped outside the funny book shop for brand new comic goodness, NEW COMICS WILL BE THERE AFTER 3:30. The store will be open at the regular time though.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bor Thor Some More

Having two kids, a wife, a job, and a highly successful sports blog is stressing enough. Now, Marvel decides they are going to do the stupid numbering game again where issues that were numbered #1 to make money were really in fact issue #588 of the series. This of course is done so when a book like Thor hits a huge milestone like 600 issues, they can go back to numbering like nothing happened to cash in again. They did it with the Fantastic Four and they are doing it again. I'm actually surprised they let X-Men hit #500 without any numbering gimmick.

Ok, with that bitching out of the way, let's see if this milestone issue was any good:

Loki, who for no discernible reason now bleeds once a month, figures out a way to bring back Bor, the father of Odin and grandfather to Thor, who had been turned to snow and scattered by a scorcer centuries ago. Loki promptly places a distortion spell on the reborn Bor and he sees everything as a monster and a threat. Bor rampages through downtown looking for his son Odin when Thor arrives to calm this unknown Asgardian. Bor sees Thor as a monster and attacks.

The battle rages all throughout downtown. Bor even catches Mjolnir at one point which is shocking to Thor. Hoping to end the conflict without killing him, Thor calls out to the Avengers to assemble. Instead of getting Cap and Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers, the impostor team of Iron Patriot and his Dark Avengers show up. Instead of aiding Thor, Norman Osborn tells his team to apprehend both combatants. The impostor Avengers are no match for the battling gods and are quickly defeated.

Meanwhile back on Asgard, Loki informs Balder, who is the acting ruler of Asgard, that Bor has returned and is currently locked in a death match with Thor. Balder realizes that if Thor should kill Bor, there would be grave consequences and rushes to prevent that from happening. But before he can arrive to stop his friend, Thor unleashes the death blow upon Bor. When Thor learns who he killed he is overcome with grief. With Loki's prodding, Balder banishes Thor from Asgard forever for killing a Lord of Asgard. But Loki is not done. He starts telling the other Asgardians that Balder is ill fit to carry the burden of leadership and that they relocate Asgard to some place where they would be welcome. A place that you have to be invited to stay.

Where does Loki want to move Asgard to? How can you have a Thor book without Thor? Wanna know what happens next? Buy the book, available at Bent Wookee Comix located at 127 Fairfield Avenue in the West End section of Johnstown. See ya there!


Congrats to local author Bob Jeschonek on his recent publications! CRIME SPELLS (a book of fantasy stories with a crime twist), IN THE HUNT: UNAUTHORIZED ESSAYS ABOUT SUPERNATURAL, and STAR TREK MAGAZINE #16 all contain short stories by him. You can find out more and links to order them at !

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


NEW COMIC BOOK DAY, WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 18 the store will be open after 3:30. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Although I've been reading a lot more Marvel lately (being roped into the Dark Reign storyline), this past week several issues shipped from the "independents" that I thought should get their chance to shine. So here goes:

DEAD IRONS #1, this is old west meets the supernatural. Undead bounty hunters, gothic art by Jason Shawn Alexander, this was a very cool and creepy start to this 5 parter by Dynamite.

BAD DOG #1, this is one of my new favorites! It features two hard drinking bounty hunters, Lou and Wendell. Lou is a werewolf who refuses to turn back into his human form because he despises people so much and Wendell his foul-mouthed partner. Although there were some really funny parts in this issue, there was a lot more depth than just the premise! I was really surprised at the tone and Lou's desire to do more. Great art, Excellent writing by Joe Kelly, and 40 pages for $3.99 I have to say, "Good job, sirs!"

LOCKE AND KEY, Thanks to Stephanie Carmichael over at for recommending this. She ordered it and I ended up getting a couple extra copies of the current issue. Now, I haven't read this yet, but based on the amazing Gabriel Rodriguez artwork alone, I ordered the first series hardcover. Look for it at the shop soon!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Making Babies Is Easy

It seems like the last couple of times I have posted something I have started out with a lame excuse as to why I haven't posted in a while. But today, after realizing I haven't posted since December, the sheer fact of the matter is I've been lazy. As Brandon pointed out to me tonight, I can make time to make comic book references on my main site, but I can't talk comics on a comics site. Well, sir, that ends here and now. Let's review some comics, shall we? Since I'm ridiculously behind in my comics stack, I'm reviewing X-Factor #39:

I just looked and found out that on average I read 40 ongoing series a month. That is beyond ridiculous. When you add in limited series and one shots, there are times when I'm reading upwards of 60 books in a month. That is on average two books a day if I keep up with it, which I never do. The reason I point this out is because I'm a huge fan of the recap page at the beginning of Marvel books. Without that one page refresher half the time I would be lost. For this issue of X-Factor, it was actually a good thing I read the recap page because it covered ground that wasn't in any previous comic. It was sort of a "what you missed during commercial break" moment that was essential to advancing the plot. I can't say I've seen that done ever in a comic.

The issue starts out with Darwin visiting with comatose father in the hospital and basically giving him the good ol' f*** you for being a crappy dad. I'm not sure if Peter David is handling the character correctly. I loved Darwin in the 'Deadly Genesis' crossover in X-Men where he was kind of mix of Wolverine and Cyclops. He could adapt to any situation, kind of like a healing factor, and he was extremely protective of Xavier, kind of like how Cyclops was at the beginning of X-Men before he got all serious and moody. Now, I think Marvel has made him too close to the Graymalkin character from Young X-Men because they have similar looks and mysterious backgrounds. I personally think they should move Darwin to X-Men Legacy and let him be Xavier's bodyguard instead of Gambit.

Ok, off of that tangent. The main part of the story involves Siryn going into labor with Madrox's child (who was conceived while Madrox's dupe was in the other room with M making her show him her O face). Siryn proposes to him right before she gives birth and he accepts. During the whole labor and delivery, Madrox comes to the realization that he has to grow up and he makes the decision to finally take the next step in his life.

After the baby is born he sends a dupe to watch over his newborn son because they are both fearful of what might happen to a new mutant baby. He then goes to see Val Cooper who got shot in the last issue to tell her to leave him and his team alone. He returns to the room to find out Theresa wants to name the boy Sean after her late father, the former X-Man Banshee. Madrox takes his little boy into his arms and then...OH MY GOD!?! WHAT HAPPENED?!? I can't give the rest away, you'll just have to read it yourself.

What is wrong with Madrox's baby? Why is Siryn showing the Irish temper? Wanna know what happens next? Buy the book, available at Bent Wookee Comix located at 127 Fairfield Avenue in the West End section of Johnstown. See ya there!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Has anyone seen this, yet? Not to be defined as one of the most cerebral of cinematic ventures.....but if you're lookin' to see stuff get smashed and clawed all to hell, VERY COOL!