BENT WOOKEE COMIX (..we have issues..)

BENT WOOKEE COMIX (..we have issues..)
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Friday, May 22, 2009


One of the coolest things I like about the shop is the myriad of "creative" types who patronize the store. Writers, artists, and what-not. So I had a brilliant idea that we should have a Creator's Mixer! A chance for those who are producing whatever to highlight their work and make some connections. Then I realised that for one: I don't like to share my rum and two: I would inevitably get too drunk, make awkward passes, end up with a bunch of "your my babies' daddy" calls, and would have to move and change the name of the shop. *cough*
AnyWHO! The point of all this is that after several conversations with people, it's come to my attention how many "creative" types there are in the area. Obviously everyone knows that Jay and I are working (still working) on the graphic novel, SIX IN THE MOURNING. (I say obvious, because we're promotional whores and force it into any conversation we can).
But I'd like this post to be all about YOUR SELF-PROMOTION! What have you got? What are you working on? Here's your chance to hype it up a bit! If you're from around the Johnstown area here's where you can post away! Leave links to art, writing samples, web-comics, short films, blogs, or whatever, it doesn't have to be comic related. Maybe you'll make some connections, maybe you'll just pimp yourself, who knows what could come of this.


ksekelsky said...

Hello all. My name is Katie and I've been living in Johnstown for about a year now.

I've been involved in the online comics community for quite a while now and am getting ready to launch my new project, a sci fi humor strip, later this summer. I also do some freelance illustration and work full-time as a graphic designer.

My new strip will be found at:

My illustration portfolio lives at:

My other, much neglected, webcomic is at:

I look forward to seeing what everyone else out there is doing :)

WITA said...

I'm in your sidebar? When did that happen! *feels honored*

Great idea, Brandon! Well, here goes.

My name is Stephanie, and I've been going to college in Johnstown for two years now---and lucky enough to get my comics from these crazy guys! Anywho, around the net I'm more commonly known as WITA. I've been with the for - whoa - a little over a year now. Since then I've worked my way up to Comics Editor, and earned some fantastic experience not only there, but writing articles/reviews about comics for,,, and as a guest feature writer for (that was exciting!).

I've got to work with all of the main comic publishers (and some minor ones on the side), and I've had the chance to interview people like Paul Dini, Dustin Nguyen, Greg Pak, Ron Marz, the Luna Brothers, Dan Panosian, etc. Plus, lots of free shiz (YAY).

On the side, I also run my own blog,, which will be experiencing a HUGE make-over very soon (I can't wait to launch WITA 2.0!).

Meanwhile, I'm working toward an English literature degree. Yeah, yeah - not as exciting.

Brandon, did you say something about promotional whoring? I wasn't paying attention.

WITA said...

Almost forgot! I have to give shout-outs to Christopher Preksta and the gang from Pittsburgh, who are all nice guys and created the video web series at They're working on their next series now at

Plus, the gang at dwells around Johnstown/Pittsburgh, as well. They're an awesome crew with a fantastic blog.

jason said...

@Steph: You're the greatest. Thanks for the nicey-nice.

My name is Jason, and I'm part of the triumvirate behind As Steph said, we run a blog, but we do a podcast as well. Come check us out. We're currently in the process of renaming our site, so if you have any ideas come post them.Also, if you're interested, we're always up for cross promotion.

Brian Law said...

I work as a graphic designer at Prime Design Solutions, a company I founded in 2005, located in Johnstown's Moxham neighborhood. In addition to commercial design projects, I amuse myself through woodworking, illustration, photography and writing music. A collection of personal work is available by visiting

luke miller said...

Hows it going people. My name is Luke Miller and i am a sculptor from the johnstown area.

I went to the Tom Savini School of Special Effects make-up and have worked on a few independent films. I can do everything from make-up to props to just good ol' fashion sculpture work.

I'm currently in the process of posting some of my work online and as soon as i do i'll post a url where you can check it out. Until then feel free to check out my myspace page if you want to get ahold of me. (I am fully aware of how much that makes me sound like a twelve year old girl, but honestly it's probably the easiest way to contact me.)

Rocket Ride Books said...

My name is Anthony, also from this area, and I've been working on the Rocket Ride Books' release of "Who Goes There?" aka "THE THING" in Print and Audio. This masterpiece of scifi was the basis of John Carpenter's THE THING and now it is available in its first-ever audio edition, as well as a special print edition. We've also produced some free podcasts for you to learn more about the project, and I was just interviewed at Scifi Talk. You can learn more about the book at The Scifi Talk interview is at

K. Brandon Wilt said...

These are some really cool projects everyone is working on! And I just want to thank everyone for taking advantage of this post to show off their work. I know there's plenty more people out there, so keep leaving comments! Terri from Ribbon Grass passed along to check out. That and are both cool places showcasing Johnstown work.

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