BENT WOOKEE COMIX (..we have issues..)

BENT WOOKEE COMIX (..we have issues..)
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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Why Angela doesn't write commercials for the store...

Angela wanted me to post this pic to show "we accept all kinds here at Bent Wookee Comix....even GINGERS!"
I thought it was more appropriate to point out Meagan's Law means NOTHING to Jay... especially if the girl's name isn't Meagan.


Jay said...

For being part Asian, Angela takes a terrible picture.

Ang said...

Only reason the picture is terrible is because Jay is in it.

Jay said...

Every picture I am in is instanteously considered art. That is why you don't see me in a lot of pictures.

It's not my fault Ang had to try and balance herself on a chair because she is slightly taller than Mini Me.